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Thursday, October 05, 2006

A thief in my company

There do exist some people out there that would do anything to win a competition.

The story is about a photo competition held by my company few months back, in which, anyone in the company could hand in their self-claim nicest photos taken in 3 categories - Nature, Social, Humour, and participate in the competition. Everyone has a limit of 3 photos.

So, there goes this guy, sending more than 3 photos by adding the name of his wife, who fortunately (for him) is also working in the same company. Finally, the wife won the prize under the category Social with a picture of a begger kiddo having food thrown on the floor. "Oh, Poor kid", everyone said. It touched everyone's heart and eventually all the votes go to that, I am about to prove, non-original photo.

During the prize giving ceremony, the wife did NOT appear but the husband went up the stage and asserted that the photo was taken in India (he is an Indian, by the way). Where's the wife? No one knows.

Guess what I received from a forwaded mail today? A .pps file with the following screen.

This whole pps was talking about the suffering life in China. At first, my mind was like, "That kiddo looks so familiar to me" . Wait a minute, that's the picture which won the competition. That assh*le! He stole the picture from somewhere in the internet (not from this pps, for sure), sent it to the competition, won the prize, and went up the stage to get the prize, all in the name of his wife. What a smart @ss thief he was!

As his wife dare not get the prize herself, probably she was also forced to do that. What a disgrace to have such a husband. Foul play has been proven, Mr. L. You should be disqualified!

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