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Thursday, August 02, 2007

New car? Where?

Lately, everyone has been discussing about the mysterious new sedan car promoted by Proton in many mass media. Personally, I am absolutely not interested in local cars, not to mention Proton's. But it really caught my attention when their advertisement was blocking half of my screen while I was reading the NST Online and accidentally hover over their ad space.

So, great, Proton is launching a new car pretty soon. Everyone is awaiting another funny looking car after Proton Savvy.

In addition to the mysterious blackie ad new Proton Sedan car, it makes us wonder, what kind of combination will the creative Proton implement this time. Will it be something like Satria front with Wira rear? Or maybe Gen2 front with Waja rear?

While everyone was guessing that, Proton, as usual, shocking everyone to come out with a NO COMBINATION self-claimed-being-brand-NEW car.


Heck, that looks more like a child stretching the rear of a Gen2 shape plasticine, no?

According to some resources, this new car is called Proton Pesona. Well, I guess by giving a new name to this car actually extend the database of local cars, rather than just naming it as Gen2 sedan version, right?

Utterly waste of time...

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