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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peninsula North East Trip - Day 3 (Update 2)

Date : 18th May, 2008.
Places : Pulau Duyung - Chukai - Cherating.

Everyone was already starving by the time we arrived at Kuala Terengganu. We went to a restaurant called Mak Ngah and tried KT's version of Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu. Nasi Kerabu in KT is blue in color compared to KB's green color. I can't really generalize and decide which state serves better food, but comparing with the 2 restaurants we went, KB's U-Lang Corner was tastier.

Nasi DagangNasi Kerabu

While on the way to the next destination, we spotted something unique.

That is KT's PUBLIC BUS !

Our next destination was the famous landmark of KT, the floating mosque...

After few shots of cam-whoring, we moved to their Chinatown.

Nearby the Chinatown, there was a historical well which was used during Ming & Ching dynasties, owned by the Lim clan. During a long drought in Kwong Shin Year of Ching Dynasty (1875), this Low Tiey's well was the only well left with abundant supply of good quality water. The generous Lim family opened up the well to the public to share their water supply and saved the villagers from the disaster.

If you can't read Chinese, the above picture shows the Chinese character for 'Well'.

There's nothing much about this place now, other than the 2 wells separated by a wall. One side of the well is for the ladies and the other side is for the gents.

Before it's dark, we rushed out from KT to catch a dinner at Chukai which will be around 2 hours of drive.

When we were about to reach Chukai, we stopped by at a stall along the roadside to have Sata. Sata is grilled fish & coconut wrapped in banana leave and barbequed. Very nice taste.

One of the famous food you can find in Chukai is it's Stuffed Crab.

The crab was not up to our expectation. They filled the crab shell with only crab meat covered with egg at the other side. It's plain and tasteless. Not very recommended to try this. Probably it'll taste nicer if they stuff in other ingredients or spices into the meat.

When we left the restaurant, we saw a stall selling lots of Durian just at the next street. We stopped at the stall and started fulfilling our cravings for durians.

By the time we reached our Cherating resort, the Cherating Bayview Resort, it was already quite late. After staying at the crappy resort in Merang a night before, everyone was relieved seeing a spacious and comfortable room in Cherating.

We checked-in, cleanup ourselves and prepared for a surprised birthday party for Waipei-the-CherasGirl. While everyone was preparing the food and drinks, my role was to guard Waipei-the-CherasGirl not to leave her room so that she won't realize what we have prepared in the garden.

Indeed it was successful...

She was extremely surprised.

Thanks to George-the-WalkingGPS and Micol-the-MPwife who sneaked out during our dinner in Chukai and bought the cake.

That night alone, we finished up a 5 litre box of wine in less than an hour and accomplished our mission to get the birthday girl drunk.

Staying in the same room with a drunken person was certainly not a good experience. She vomited in the room (luckily I was fast enough to duck her head into the dustbin next to her bed) and the whole room was filled with DURIAN SMELL! Thank God she only threw up ONCE, else, I'd rather sleep at the doorway.

[To be continued...]

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