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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Navigated

I'm someone who has HUGE problem having my sense of direction straight.

I'm someone who can lost her way in her own hometown.

I'm someone who loves to sleep in the car and never know how to recognize the route.

Hence, I've found my assistant...

Global Positioning System device!

GPS Garmin nüvi 200.

One of my colleagues bought exactly the same model for RM970 in last year's October. While I thought it would be cheaper to buy now after so many months, the same bugger seller quote me for RM990. Why is it more expensive ?!

Anyway, I tried my luck and dragged SauMing-the-5CentsMouth while Jason-the-AxPro tagged along, to get the best deal from Lowyat.

Initially I thought GPS is a common device in Malaysia as there are so many people around me who own one, but it seems that getting that device is not an easy task. I asked almost all the shops around Lowyat and there were only TWO shops selling Garmin GPS.

The first shop quoted me RM1399. FREAKING EXPENSIVE! My jaw almost dropped on the ground looking at the price.

When I nearly wanted to abort my searching mission, I found a Garmin shop selling only Garmin stuff. How COOL?! But still, the first price they offered was RM1299. KILL ME!!!

We then engaged in a longer conversation about the device and price ended as below...

Seller: How much did u get from the other place?
Me: RM950 (Yeah, I lied...*sheesh*!)

(Continue bla bla bla...)

Seller: Are you paying cash?
Me: Yeah.
Seller: hmmmm...okay-lah. RM950.

(I then adjusted my clothes off-shoulder a bit
...purposely dropped a pen and bend down to pick it up
....blink a few blinks *blink blink blink*
...and say in a soft and cute tone...)

Me: RM900, can lah? (another few hard blinks *blink blink blink*)
Seller: Wah, oklah oklah. DEAL!

There, I got my GPS Garmin nüvi 200 for RM900.

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