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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I almost kill Santa

6th of December was the celebration of St. Nicholas Day. I suppose this celebration is only popular in Europe, correct me if I'm wrong. As I ain't a Christian and I don't own a 'HOME' here, this day mean nothing to me, but I was pretty happy with it. Why? Because I received some gifts from the company. hehe

On this day, children in the house will usually receive some small gifts from their parents. Sort of a pre-christmas celebration. So, my company, which act as my 'Parent' here, gave some sweets and chocolates to all the staff in the company too. The gift comes in a nice packet and it's given by my colleague dressed as a Santa-Claus-that-has-lost-his-big-tummy. Maybe he forgot to put his pillow at his belly....or maybe he decided to go on diet because he wanted to be able to look at his own toes...

It has been like more than two weeks since I received the gift and I've finished all the sweets and chocolates in it...all the food has been eaten and digested....EXCEPT...

The cute little Santa chocolate...

He's so adorable that each time when I tried to eat it...

Santa : You cannot eat me, if not, you won't get any christmas present from me
Survon : But you really look delicious.
Santa : I'll give you a very very very BIG present for christmas if you spare my life.
Survon : I don't believe. You so tiny and cute, how to bring me big big present?
Santa : I can! Cause I'm the Santa Claus.
Survon : You will really bring me big big present for christmas?
Santa : YES. A giant one. I promise.
Survon : Ok, Deal. I won't eat you. (Not until AFTER christmas..*nyek nyek nyek*)

So, till now, the Santa is still safe and sound standing still beside my monitor.

*Ho ho ho*..I'm getting BIG BIG present from Santa.....

oh...time is limited...excuse me, I need to search for a BIG BIG socks for Santa to put the BIG BIG present in it.


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