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Friday, February 10, 2006

Uninterrupted life

I wonder how much time do I need to restore the energy I lost for the trip. I could still feel the tiredness in each and every inches of my body up till now. Maybe I should get some Thai Massage.

Didn't really have any heavy job to do in the office today, as the project has ended and waiting for the second genearation on Monday. Quite a relaxing day, despite having a snowfight with 'The Fellowship of the Lunch' for 10 minutes after the lunch. It refreshed me a bit after my body being covered by snow, but now I'm back to the normal condition - sleepy.

Feel like going home earlier and get enough rest for the weekends. No long blog, No hard work, NO PARTY PLEASE!!

Juan-the-Colombian is now in London. Will only be able to meet him on the 24th of February. Heard he'll be coming back for that weekend. Hopefully he's happy now in London, after stucked in Hungary for more than one year because of the silly visa problem. Poor Edit-the-Singer staying alone here now.

It's sad when one of the members leave the group after hanging around for quite some time. Edit-the-Singer has just resigned her post and will be flying to London and meeting up with Juan-the-Colombian on the 19th of March. Another member will be missing by then. Guess, that's just part of our life. People come and go.

Should I leave too?

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