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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

(No) Home Coming

Life can sometimes fluctuate in a very dramatical way, don't you think so?

Today is my official SECOND day of unemployed period, and tomorrow will be my FIRST day of re-employed life. Sounds complicated? Try to imagine my complex feeling.

At one point, I was pretty sure that I'll be leaving Hungary and head to my home sweet home, at another point, someone was fighting for my stay so that I can help completing the project, at the next point, the war failed, the company couldn't approve paying a flight ticket for a non-permanent employee. Fine. I started to pack my stuff, prepare for my farewell, doing all the formal business like one should do when you are leaving a country for good. And just after I've closed my bank account, and exchange all my money to €, went for my farewell party at 7pm, guess what happened? Manindra-the-Manager called me up at 9pm. I thought he misses my absent in the company so much that he needed to call me up to hear my soothing voice .

No. While I was having my farewell party with my flatmates and all other AIESEC trainees...."Bad news", he said. "The company has approved your flight ticket and you are staying." I thought he was kidding, kind of last joke before I leave Hungary? How can the company approve this thing at 9 in the night? and 12:30am in India? "No, it's approved by the US office.", he was trying to convince me. It really gave me a hard time trying to believe this. I promise to give him an answer the next day as I was totally in shock .

My mind was utterly blank after the call. All my friends were there, celebrating my farewell (erm...probably feeling happy i'm leaving), and I was in a state to decide whether I should take the offer from the company or stay with the plan and leave the country. When everyone was asking, "How is your feeling going home?", "What are you going to do in Malaysia?", "When is your flight?", bla bla bla...Gosh, I really didn't know how to answer those questions.

Anyway, after 2 hours of exercising my brain cells thinking about the offer, listing all the pros and cons of staying and leaving mentally, I made up my mind and announced to everyone. "Thank you everyone for coming to my farewell party. It's indeed my pleasure getting to know everyone of you. And I am sure I'll be missing you guys so much when I am back to Malaysia. So, I have decided to stay here to avoid missing you guys so much."

So, what's next?? A farewell party has become my welcome party. Goodbye has become Congratulations. I'm sad you are leaving, has become I'm glad you are staying.

My so-called farewell party.

And yes, I AM STAYING! Only for 3 more months. So, Malaysian-Malaysian sekalian, please postpone your 'guaing' (caving) trip for 3 more months. Karaoke-karaoke kaki sekalian, you have another 3 months to train your vocal to jam with me. For those studying abroad and currently in Malaysia having summer holidays, sorry, we can only meet up sometime next year.

Hopefully there won't be any other mishap this time.

Though I was not working today, I still went to the office to sign all the related documents and I was treated as a complete new joinee as I have signed all my clearance form on Friday. I might be getting a new employee number and a new access card, but hey, I just left the company for ONE single day, and I am now in an absolute new identity? Strange.

But one thing for sure will remain, my 'lovely' project .

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