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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The start of the year

Apologies for the recent shortage of updates. I know that it has been quite sometime since I wrote my last blog. But I suppose it's normal to face such low productivity in blogs in the beginning of the year as there are so much more things to get your physical and mental occupied.

New year, new work, new colleagues, new boss, new friends, new apartment, new life.....Till dot, everything has been going pretty well, touch wood, it'll be the same or better for the remaining 2007.

It's been pretty hot this week. The sun is up again, though it's flooding in the downsouth of the peninsular. Gosh, is it really global warming? But I bet having spring temperature for winter in Hungary doesn't sound that bad, huh? Probably there won't be any snow this year?

Let's see...

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