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Saturday, September 01, 2007

3 giant telco's war

The other day, I attended a Jazz Concert in Plaza Mont Kiara with friends and colleagues.

The concert started at 8.30pm but we arrived around 7pm for the dinner and to book the best feng shui seats. It was probably not the best decision as we had to stay there till 1.30am and Sheila Majid arrived only at 11pm. Darn that concert was really too long.

As this concert was sponsored by Digi, 2 Yellowmen were wandering around before the show entertaining early arrivals and have nothing to do like us.

They were oh sooo cute!

Not sure if they were really happy to meet us though...

The war among Maxis, Digi and Celcom?

He seems to hate Celcom pretty much that he wanna hit me with his yellow fist.

"NOOOOO!!!! I'm not a Celcom user!!!

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