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Monday, August 13, 2007

Don't go for simple

Imagine, one day, as you were wearing your casual clothes, walking along a street and suddenly, a stranger out of no where appeared in front of you, wearing the exact same clothes you were wearing!

I'm sure the above situation happened at least once in your life time.

The first question pop out from the head would be, "What a coincidence?", "How come I don't see people wearing it when I am not wearing it?"

So, in order to reduce such embarrassment from re-occurring, I tried to refrain myself from buying popular simple clothes. By popular clothes, I meant those one color top with a simple logo/design. I would also try to avoid buying clothes from tray where the same design are piled in one big stack in different colours cause obviously, that kind of stock would allow more people to have the same clothes and thus, the probability of seeing other people wearing the same clothes would eventually increased.

But trust me, sometimes I am seduced to get those one or two simple clothes cause it's simple and nice, and I like it.

The other day, I was walking around G2000 blu. If you walk around the store, you would realize that they have very limited collections of top and piled in few stacks. I saw this same collection few months back and usually I won't buy this kind of clothes, even if I like it very much. There was an exception though, considering this collection has been there for such a long time, and since I did not see anyone wearing the same clothes, "Why not get one for my wardrobe?", I thought.

And so, I bought it and wear to work the other day (happily).

Guess what, the very next day, I saw another girl in my office, wearing the exact same top and exact same color! *gosh* Did she realize I was wearing that same top the previous day? Did she ever wore that top before I bought it, but I missed it?

Argghhh....the more I think about it, the more furious I get...

Well, yeah, probably I can still wear it to the office like usual and pretend I didn't know someone else has the same clothes. But thinking that there is a possibility that we would be wearing the same clothes on the same day, that's a bit annoying, no?

Anyway, that's not about it. A few days after that, I saw that same girl, again, wearing the same top, but different colour. Eh, why do people buy same design for different colours??? That top is not extremely cheap, ok? That top is nothing very unique to add on to any collection as well! Buy why?

Guess I can only wear that top for non-working days now. *sigh*...

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