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Monday, August 06, 2007

Concert in Sarawak's rainforest

I am a West Malaysian. A very typical West Malaysian that most probably have never been to another side of Malaysia, aka East Malaysia.

But not anymore.

Last month, I flew all the way from KL to Kuching to attend the 3-day event of the Rainforest World Musical Festival (RWMF). Sounds cool, huh? Not really. All the three days, I was actually working at the ticketing counter from 9am till midnight, with occasional sneaking out for the festival. Else, it was more like staying in a forest's prison.

The hotel next to a golf course besides the beach...

The welcoming sign of the hotel doesn't really look welcoming with that figure of Puteri Santubung...yikes...scary...

RWMF might be one of the biggest musical festival in the whole Malaysia, and it should be something that we, Malaysians, be proud of when foreigners from every corner of the world flew all the way here to attend this festival.

The entrance

To be precise, RWMF was held in Santubong, 35km north of the state capital, Kuching. So, travelling from Santubong to Kuching took us about 45 minutes with the shuttle service available. As time was pretty tight, I could only walk around Kuching for half an hour.

And this was what I got...

Cats were the only tourist attractions I could see

And a RM1 sampan ride after sneaking out from the RWMF's welcoming party nearby Kuching Waterfront...

For the continuous 3 days, people were walking in and rolling out after the party and drinking. Such festival was pretty much similar to the one I attended in Budapest, Sziget Festival. Surely both festivals are incomparable as the one in Budapest are 10x larger scale and Malaysia is still considered being in it's infant stage organizing such event within a conservative community.

The RWMF, other than providing educational musical workshop in the day time, the best of it, is when you can actually attend a concert in a RAINFOREST!

Purchasing the RWMF ticket allows you to walk around the cultural village and get to know more about the traditional houses and living style of the different races in Sarawak...

Sorry I couldn't post any nice picture from the concert cause all the pictures taken were in bad quality. Well, anyway, there were no superstars performing in the concerts, only good musics. So if you wanna experience this, get your ticket for the coming year!

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