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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Everyone's having it

Friendster has evolved into a horrifying stage that it has become one of the necessity to all the youngsters in Malaysia to keep in touch and get the latest updates of their friends. Though, there are many other similar online services (eg. multiply, hi5, ringo, tag) booming out every now and then, but none of them could create the same kind of influence as Friendster.

I'm not sure if I was being kiasu or not, but everytime when I am invited me to join a new network site, I'd still register an account, take a look around, log out, and never went back.

It's only Friendster that could keep me being loyal and happily updating my profile with no reluctance. While trying to be active locally, I am also updating other sites which is popular in other foreign friends' country, as in Badoo for Latinos, for Hungarians, and Orkut for Indians. Gosh, can you imagine how many accounts I have?

But be aware, cause Friendster's position seems to be fading away now. If you are one of those surfing geeks, I'm sure you have heard of the new born Facebook. People have been talking about this recently, saying how much powderful this new site is and how addicted you can be once you start playing. BUT, I never take a look at it. I have (already) too MANY accounts, remember?

Till one day, my Asst Manager, Mike-the-YeryLong, came to me and praise about this new Facebook. For your information, he is one of those IT Geek that have DELETED his Friendster account and biatch about Friendster. Upon hearing this, my curiousity level started increasing. What's more when he told me the story of how Yahoo wanted to acquire Facebook with $1 billion but was turned down because (rumours say) Facebook decided to hold out for $2 billions. Sounds crazy, huh?

As I mentioned above, I did kiasu-ly registered my Facebook in May when I was invited by Juan-the-Colombian, but only got to realize it now. Surprisingly, it really seems to be much more entertaining compared to Friendster.

Heck, I'm starting to hate Friendster, especially when I landed myself into those self designed profile which have no sense of background image and foreground items and the sound polluting auto-played video/flash.

So, my fellow Malaysians, let's all shift to Facebook?

and NO, I do not get any allowance from them, mind you!

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