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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The New Malaysia

The result of the 12th Malaysian General Election has been amazingly beautiful. Malaysians have finally stood up and fought for our rights by denying BN's 2/3rd's majority.

It's not something surprising this time as we could see the opposition is no longer coming from the Chinese and Indians, but the Malays themselves. We do not need a blood sucking government but we need a fair treatment and the human rights we ought for.

This was supposed to be my first time voting for my own government. I got pretty excited at first after I've registered and saw my name listed in the SPR. But darn, my heart was broken when the government announced the voting date. It clashes exactly the same day with my best friend's wedding and I can't miss the wedding because I'm the Maid of Honour!

We were featured in the Sin Chew paper because the groom went for voting in Kajang.

Seeing some of my friends did not vote (mostly not even registered), seriously disappointed me. Having read so much news around us, how can people still cross their legs and fold their arms, not doing anything for the nations?

They don't care, they said.

Heck, true, if you don't mind some Malays out there unsheathed their keris, waved their keris, kissed their keris, and say they'll protect the Malays and bathe the keris with Chinese blood, I can accept the reason.

"Malaysia is an Islamic state, you don't like it, you get out of Malaysia!" Well, if you don't mind people chasing you out of the country because they claimed that this land is theirs, then continue your silence.

Anyway, the election is over now. No point turning back.

But if you did not have the intention to vote or to participate in fighting for you rights at all, you no longer have the right to complain about the petrol hike for the next 5 years. You can't scold the government for building a new toll in front of your house.

Cause, I know, you don't care.

Let's just enjoy some videos from the Comedy Court to celebrate the victory.

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