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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blood brings good luck

The lunar year of Pig 2007 is going to end soon and I'm pretty sure most of the Chinese has been receiving lots and lots of forwarded email with the new year's Luck Prediction attachment.

Frankly, I'm not a very superstitious person. But it's quite interesting to read all this horoscope prediction even though I might forget everything the next minute. It's entertaining and it makes me happy when I read positive forecast. No, I won't feel bad if they wrote about bad things. I'll convince myself everything is just crap then. Living in denial, huh?

The most recent Luck Prediction of the Rat year 2008 email I received was pretty interesting. It says all the pleasant stuff I'd liked to hear. Except for one...

Go donate blood?

If you still remember, I wrote a post sometime last year that I won't be able to donate my blood in Malaysia because there's some probability that I'm having mad cow disease.

If according to the Horoscope, I don't get to donate blood, would mean I won't be able to improve my luck? That's a pity.

Should I go ahead to donate my blood and ask them to send my blood to the other continent having similar blood type with me?

Or should I donate it and ask them to put it up just for display?

Probably I should just donate to the nature which need my blood to survive? The mosquitoes maybe? I could save the life of some hundred mosquitoes with that. The next minute I thought of this, I could feel a mosquito bite on my ARSE. No kidding wei.

There, I saved the life of the mosquito. Good karma gained.

As nothing was specifically written that I should donate my blood to another human, I guess I have fulfilled the required demand. Which means...

I'm going to have a prosperous and lucky year soon!

*scratch butt*

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