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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sleazy message

I'm not sure how many people received this message before, but when I checked my inbox in my Friendster today, this was what I got from a stranger...

Hi <<my Friendster nick here>>

I’m single, always been the case for the past 25 years of my life. Sometimes friends and family wondered why I’m not seeing any girls and when they ask me about it, especially my mother, I will just use excuses such as time constraint, concentrating on studies and other things (I think she is concern with my sexual orientation…haha…but seriously she did try to set me up with her friend’s daughter). I’m not sure why I’m not seeing anybody, maybe I’m gay, just that I haven’t find out yet (I’m kidding!) or maybe I’m too shy, introvert……or I’m waiting for the right person, someone I’m destined to be with, to show up in my life. I just don’t feel right to just find someone because she is convenient or easy, I want my first to be someone that I really love. Perhaps I want fate to take its course. Do u believe in fate? I’m helplessly romantic (probably from watching tragic romantic Korean dramas), sensitive and empathetic (my eyes get teary when watching sad or touching movies/dramas), thinking that my Miss Right is somewhere out there and fate would bring us together. But after 26 years of waiting, I am having second thoughts. Sometimes I feel lonely and this is magnified by the fact that everyone around me seems to have found their other half. Are u single and have you feel this way before? Life is short and I can’t afford to wait anymore. To sum up how I feel, below is quote from a Greek philosopher,

“A strict believe, fate is the worst kind of slavery, on the other hand there is comfort in the thought that God will be moved by our prayers.” – Epicurus (341BC-270BC)

To put above quote in the context of fate in relationship, I live in the illusion of fate and it caused inaction and passive attitude from my part for believing that fate would somehow bring 2 people together. It only makes me feel better to believe it works that way.

So instead of waiting, I think I need to be aggressive in matters regarding to relationship. I mean that’s why I created this friendster profile in the first place and ends up with you reading my message right now. I’m sincere and I have spent some time writing this message coz it’s not easy to reveal one’s deep inner thoughts and admit embarrassing things about oneself to a stranger. I hope that if you are interested, then maybe we can get to know each other better and see how things develop from there. Please pardon me if I say something distasteful coz really, I’m inexperienced in ….(you know what, :p)…. You can just forget you ever read this message if u you feel uncomfortable or anything.

Yours truly,
P/s: Hope that my message not too cheesy for you coz when I wrote it, I feel desperately lonely (just like you will consider everything is tasty when you are very hungry but feel differently after you are full :) ).

I'm pretty sure this guy must have spammed a lot of people OUTSIDE his network.

Darn, people can get REALLY REALLY desperate these days.

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