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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wrap Up Dinner 2007

I know it's kinda late to start writing about what I've done during Chinese New Year when everyone has moved on and start executing their new year resolution, but I still need to jot down somewhere for my own memory, right?

CNY is always something with lots of reunions for me, with family, relatives, friends, ex-colleagues, ex-schoolmates, etc. Few days of holidays is just not enough for me to catch up with everyone.

Anyways, today, I'm going to write about my CNY dinner with my current colleagues (again). I wanted to write about my ex-schoolmates, but I don't have the complete picture collections.

Last year, I had my shou gong jiu (wrap-up dinner) with my then colleagues here.

This year, I had it with my current colleagues in Pantai Seafood Restaurant.

Some of the food we had...

Only the prawn was quite satisfying, and others were pretty much disappointing.

We had 28 people occupying 3 tables, consumed freaking 17 wine bottles. Darn, these guys are crazy.

The Champion of the Day was certified on the spot.

Everyone was so drunk that they started harassing me...

The rest of the night, I better not mention.

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