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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Modern parking lot tag

New Year, New Rules, New Policy.

Recently, my company has come out with a new HR Policy which affects everyone in the company. Some of the new policies are providing better benefits and some are sucking that away. Gotta give and take, I would say.

Good news is, one of the new policies implemented was the office carpark subsidy for employees in certain levels. The bad news is, I'm not reaching that level to enjoy that kinda benefits. Not yet!

When you have a reserved parking lot, there'll be a notice hanging down from the ceiling written either your car plate number, or the company's name. But our modern management team has a more creative idea...

This parking lot is reserved for someone who thinks that he's still twenty plus, but in real life, he's thirty-ish.

XLR8 certainly doesn't make any sense. It's ACCELERATE.

There is a story on how this nick was created, but sorry, I can't remember.

This is the nick he uses as a blogger.

So, don't be surprised the next time when you see weird things written on the reserved carpark.

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