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Monday, March 31, 2008

I is dumb

No, not that stupid dumb, but the speechless dumb.

And no, you can't call me dumb, cause I'll get offended.

It all started because I have never fully recovered since my friend's wedding 3 weeks ago. I was coughing since and still am. It turned worse when I was having mild fever after my company's internal gathering for having KFC on Friday night.

When I woke up at 3am on Saturday everything seems to be okay, but my voice. It turned to I followed my plan to go for camping in the jungle and we had BBQ on Saturday night.

And so I lost it on Sunday.....I lost my voice.....I can't talk.

I did not lose my voice for competing who can roar louder with the tigers, please.

I went to work as usual today while everyone in the office was expecting me to be on MC. Since this is the second time I'm losing my voice (wondering why am I getting this so frequent), I have changed my strategy in 'communicating' with others compared to my first experience, 8 months ago.

The last time I lost my voice, I whispered a lot trying hard to talk to others. Making me look stupid repeating my words trying to make others read my lips. Today, I'd rather stay silent and let others talk to me as if they were talking to a piece of dead wood. At least this makes others look stupid rather than myself.

It was a torture for someone like me who talks a lot especially for a virgo who loves to criticize. But I tried, and I succeeded.

It's not something bad being the observer in the crowd. You do learn something from it.

Someone seems to be happy seeing me speechless, cause they don't usually get the chance to tease me without me retaliating. But some seems to feel bored without me making noise in the crowd. Thanks to those who make me honey drink and honey lime drink.


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