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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

City Escape to Jerangkang

Saturday morning - we started our journey to Maran, Pahang before the sunrise.

Upon reaching our first destination, part of us were transported to the paid transportation provided, which was another 4WD. From 4 cars, we crammed into 3 cars - 1 Ford Ranger, 1 Perodua Kembara and another hired Ford car (RM35/person, 2 way).

These city kids were so excited when they got the chance to sit in the truck of the car. They jumped in without much consideration, but watching the sun going higher and higher, and the rough road that we'll be facing, I'd rather travel in the air-conditioned Kembara.

Indeed it was a smart decision, as traveling in the truck for 1 hour along the off-road certainly was torturing to them.

Throughout the whole journey, we were worried if the Kembara could pass the challenges of the off-road.

*phew*....Luckily nothing much happened and we could reach the destination safely. The car was full of scratches though.

We can now certify, "KEMBARA, BOLEH!" (but limited to the light off-road only, okay?)

We took almost 1.5 hours to reach our campsite. The hired car which was carrying our friends have reached half an hour earlier than us.

We searched for the best feng shui site and started setting up the tents.

Setting up the tent, or
Posing for picture?

The finish product...

Not bad, huh?

Then we started to prepare for our campfire, but no putting up the fire yet.

Again, setting up campfire, or
Posing for picture?

While everyone was busy with their work, I was resting monitoring their progress...

When all necessary setup was done, we started the first recreational activity, hiking up the hill and enjoy the waterfall!!

Man, that was my first time trekking in SLIPPERS!

But everything was worth it when you could enjoy the breezing crystal clear waterfall...

Sandiwara at the waterfall...

The current was so strong that it was hard to even walk across...

I almost got myself drown in this waterfall. Luckily Jason-the-10.60 came to my rescue. Else, I won't be able to write this post now.

Everyone was exhausted after the swim, but our stomach was already making noise 'motivating' us to setup our campfire and BBQ session...

This was the session that caused my throat being in worse condition till I lost my voice the next day, though I've tried my best to control the amount of heaty food I took. I could feel the pain on my throat the whole night when I was sleeping.

Everyone went to bed after some chats and star gazing. I went to bed around 12am.

Next morning, I woke up and had Instant Porridge and started practicing my body language after losing my voice.

After the breakfast, everyone started packing up and dismantling the tents.

Me and my tentmate, WaiPei-the-CherasGirl, in our 6-men-tent

Before we left the place, being the civilized people we are, we wrapped up our rubbish and BROUGHT them down the hill, carried by our Ford Ranger.

Incredible, huh?

Another session of group photo and we headed down hill going through the same pain we had the previous day.

Where's next?

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