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Friday, December 23, 2005

1...2...3...CHEESE ~~~~

As the technology nowadays is more and more developed, camera has become like an accessory. Just like what mobile phone has evolved. "Everyone must have one".

But, how many people out there really enjoy taking picture? The taking picture here does not mean, you, holding the camera taking the picture, rather, it refer to YOU, being INSIDE the picture.

Generally, guys would like to help other people to take picture and girls would like to be inside the picture. At least 70% of the girls would love it. Unless you think you are too ugly to be inside the picture and spoil the whole scenery. That's call lack of confidence.

When there's someone trying to take your picture, alone, what do you do? Usually you will say,

"Dun lah..take what wor?...paiseh lar ".

Especially when you are with not-so-close-friend. While you are saying this, at the same time, you are actually adjusting your pose and tidying your hair so that you will look beautiful in the picture. Then, after the picture is taken, you'll look at the picture (only apply for digital camera) and start commenting.

"Not nice lar. I think the hair here a bit messy. Oh, this pose show my arm very fat er...Take again."

Now you are asking for more. Who was the one saying "Dun lah" at the beginning?

But that's totally normal, in fact I always expect this response each time I wanna try to take a picture of my friend.

Not until yesterday, I dated a Japanese guy for a dinner and I tried to take a picture of him. Just as I took out the camera and focus on him, he looked at the camera and smile, NOT trying to avoid my camera or ask the reason of taking the picture.

This is called typical Japanese. I'm loving it...

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