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Saturday, January 07, 2006

My best Polish-made alarm clock

When I was back in Malaysia, I was using my cellphone alarm clock everyday. Each morning, I was buzzed by that stupid alarm telling me, it's time to go to hell work. In fact I was suffering from Digusted-Alarm-Mindblowing-Nightmare disease, in short Damnysia. I consulted a few doctors, but none could help.

Since I arrived at Budapest, my disease eventually recovered. I never use any alarm ever since I am here. The only alarm I had was when I had my Polish roommate. Every morning, she'll wake up earlier than me and left before my eyes were opened.

When she was preparing to get to work, the sound caused by her movement, her perfume and the light, work as an alarm to me. When she starts to wake up, it's also time for me to wake up, 1 hour later. Each day when she left, I will hear the door closed. That's the final sound of my alarm, meaning, it's time to wake up.

She was the best alarm I ever had. My ears were not raped by the sound intruder from the alarm clock, which usually blast the morning silence with some irritated sound so that your sweet dream will turn to evil dream and eventually you are forced to wake up. No, I don't have to suffer from this heart-attack. I woke up peacefully every morning. What more, I got to enjoy oil fragrance free-of-charge. Lampe Berger? No, thanks.

If you are also suffering Damnysia like what I had,

Get a roommate...

Say 'NO' to...

And say goodbye to DAMNYSIA!

(Lampe Berger fans, No hard feeling here..)

As you can see, I was using all the past-tense. Because my beloved human alarm clock is no longer with me. She has gone back to Poland, FOR GOOD. I, no longer have any alarm. So, I wake up every morning, pretty late.

I lost my alarm.

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