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Monday, January 09, 2006

Burger King's precious

When we go to those public restrooms, we can expect a granny 'cashier' sitting in front of the toilet welcoming you. Sometimes, I do find it weird, you have to pay for a pee? What worst is when you are really urgent to get in. While you are trying hard to hold your 'private business' from leaking, you have to search into your wallet to get a few cents just to get into the cubicle and finish your business.

That's the traditional way.

But it's already 21st century now. It's the IT WORLD!

Yesterday was my first time going into Burger Kings toilet and I discovered...

It's locked with code

I thought the toilet is coated with gold. I think too much.

I wonder when they will start implementing those ATM machine logic.

When you press the wrong code, you could hear from the loud speaker

"Password error - You have another 2 attempts"

By the time you tried all 3 attempts, and failed to give the correct password, the code device will be locked and the loud siren will be wailed. By then, you will see 3 security guards holding M-16 rushing to you and seize you to the police station. Huh, dramatic!

Maybe this will be better

Do not move! Hands on the wall!

To avoid this, what do you have to do to get into the high secured toilet in Burger King?

Where can you get the code?


WC Code

In the receipt

What's all the fuss??? I just want to get a PEE !!!

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