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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Alien Chocolate

Have you ever tried to search for a thing that you needed and you couldn't find it? When you gave up and almost forgot about it, that little thing somehow appeared again without you giving any effort to search for it?

I had a box of chocolate that my colleague gave me before Christmas because he was going back to India and I was told to only open it after Christmas. Being an obedient girl I am, I chuck place the chocolate nicely into my drawer to wait till Christmas. I seldom open that drawer as the chocolate was quite big, and it occupied almost the whole drawer till I couldn't put any other things inside.

On and off, I will put some snacks into my other drawers, especially potato chips that I could get from the office's snack machine. But today, I couldn't find any and I'm too lazy to get it from the machine. I found the chocolate which was untouched for 2 months and thought of having it.

My chocolate was all the time in the drawer because I thought it's winter and it won't melt. The careless me forgot that I am sitting next to the heater and my drawer is actually just a few centimetres away from the heater. You can imagine how my chocolate can be now. Luckily the shape is still there, just a little soften.

This reminds me of a question from Juan-the-Colombian.

"Why do Eskimos have to put the fishes inside the fridge?"

Answer is at the bottom.

Now, get back to the topic.

While I was trying to take the chocolate out, I searched deeper to see whether I have other hidden food inside and...



At that time, I thought my drawer could actually lay chocolates. From the details of the chocolate laid, all the words are written in Slovakian and Czech. Obviously, it's not from Hungary. OMG! My drawer laid an alien chocolate! Some alien drawers from Slovakia or Czech must have raped my drawer!!

Seriously, it took me some time to recall the source of this chocolate.

I actually bought this chocolate when I was in Slovakia 2 months ago and I was suppose to give it to a friend of mine as a birthday present. Just when I wanted to give it to my friend, I couldn't find it in my fridge because I thought I put it there. I searched my whole flat up and down and still I couldn't find it.....I gave up.

Now it suddenly appeared again, but my friend's birthday has already past centuries ago.

Give it to another friend? No, it's not nice to give a present to someone which was initial meant for another.

I guess I have to sacrifice myself to present the chocolate to myself.

*Poor me*

Answer : To avoid the fishes from being frozen.

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