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Friday, January 06, 2006

Harry Porter fought with a Hungarian Horntail Dragon

I know it's a bit outdated to talk about Harry Porter now. But I only had the chance to watch it today. Finally.

If you have watched it, there was the first round of the tournament where each of the champions had to fight with the dragon.

Can you remember what Harry Porter got???

Hungarian Horntail Dragon !

Wahseh..never know Hungary had such famous dragon.

Hungary in Asia is never a popular country. Before I came, I always had difficulty explaining where I will be staying and frustrated having to answer the same question over and over again.

But not anymore. I'll be proud to say I'm from Hungary.

Survon:I'm in Hungary
Hungarian-dummy:Huh???...Where is it???
Survon: Erm...somewhere in Central Europe, next to Austria, Slovakia and Serbia far away. Can earn a lot is it?
Survon:Not really.
Hungarian-dummy:No money one ar? Then got leng-chai is it?
Survon:Don't think so
Hungarian-dummy:What?! No $$$, no leng-chai. What also don't have. Then what do they have there?
Survon:Hungarian Horntail Dragon that fought with Harry Porter

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