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Saturday, January 07, 2006

I am not THAT late

Today, I had a very serious task to do. I need to go to the Malaysian Embassy to get some legal documents endorsed.

I planned to reach there at 9am so that I can get to my office by 11am and no one will realize I'm VERY late. I didn't set my alarm clock though, as I don't think it's necessary, but I set my body clock to wake up at 7am.

Plan is plan, and action is always contrary. I planned to wake up at 7am, but in reality, I woke up as usual, 8am, and still I felt like it's forever not enough. If i don't have to work, probably I'll only wake at 10am. But I can't.

I knew I was late, but it's okay, I can still reach the Embassy by 10am (which was my naive thinking). I did the usual stuff, like what I usually did every morning, go to toilet, go to bathroom, go to kitchen, talk on MSN. Oppss, it seems like everybody is quite busy today in the MSN, either Away or Busy. Sometimes we do have to act busy in the office too. CNY is coming, maybe Ang Pow can get bigger if the boss can see you are busy. Good. I don't feel like chatting too. So I thought of watching a BIT of the TVB series that I am following while having my breakfast. I don't know why, I had the same portion of breakfast everyday, but today, it seems to be twice or thrice larger. In the end, I watched the WHOLE episode of the series.

The time was 10am, I stepped my very FIRST foot out of the flat. The initial planning of reaching the Embassy at 9am is ONLY a PLAN and I expected I will never be able to do that. But the revised plan for reaching at 10am, erm.. I think I need to work harder to understand myself more.

By the time I finished all my business and back to the office, it was 12:25. I get to my seat, log into the office network, check some mail, and I was off to lunch at 12:30.

Conclusion, I started my work after my lunch which was 2pm.

I can't believe what I did today.

The moral of the story, GET AN ALARM CLOCK!

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