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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lost in Mars....HELP !!!!

I felt like returning to be an innocent school girl again. Not secondary, but primary school girl with the most fashionable white blouse and DARK blue pinafore, with a big school emblem patched on my right breast (or maybe left???), wearing white socks, white shoes, looking like a tortoise with a cute BIG bag that weight twice my own body mass.

I still remember I was ranked number one for my studies back in Kindergarten school. They had a prize giving ceremony, and I got a big box of present. The school kept the present and told me, the present will be given to me the next day. They never did and I never asked, but I had my first scientific discovery. I learnt what is Black Hole, School = Black Hole. They sucked my present. Since then, I knew I will be a future scientist.

As I was enthusiastic to become a scientist, I followed a school trip to the National Planetarium when I was 12. Based upon my science knowledge at that time, the National Planetarium is more like an entertainment place for me to play the science equipments which I know nothing about. That was my first time visiting the place, also the last time, and I never planned to go there again. I do realize that it will be more meaningful if i visit it now, but scientist is someone who discover new things, and not just looking at other people's discovery. National Planetarium is not a place for me, I could get more ideas from Mamak, discos, pubs, karaoke...*THUMBS UP*

No, I never gave up. Till now, I still think I could be the future scientist.

Recently, I had another enormous discovery, in which, part of the knowledge I gained during school time, LOST. Where can it be? I perceive, there must be another "Black Hole" in my brain. Luckily, it's not a strong "Black Hole". This impotent hole could only suck part of the knowledge, and other parts are still fresh in my memory. I still know that the Bapa Kemerdekaan of Malaysia is Parameswara. No??? I'm not the future scientist, I AM a scientist.

Yesterday, I was at the "House of the Future". It's something quite similar with the National Planetarium. Since my colleague, Csaba-the-Possibility invited me to go, and as the scientist-to-be, I could not miss this chance.

The entrance fee was 1000ft. Quite reasonable because I don't have to pay.

The first section was about the brain. They didn't describe anything about the Black Hole in the brain though. But, I discovered something else...

I saw Buddha..

I always thought Buddha should be in everyone's heart, but now the scientists say it's in my brain????

Calculators are usually used to help my brain to calculate any mathematical problems that comprises numbers higher than 9. But calculators here are not simplifying my brain's tasks, rather, it's killing my brain cells by giving me much difficult tasks. I must save my brain cells by ignoring the questions.

I went to the moon...

My weight dropped drastically to 17.26 kg...

I'm not 45.9 kg. Do not believe this

In the future house...

A multi-function wireless keyboard

In the Future Cafe...

No one will go to cafe.
Everyone will drink oil and eat battery. More economical.

I went to Mars...

They said they can bring me to Mars, and I expect the 'cinema' will be something I experienced in Genting, where the chairs will move according to the show, but no, only the whole room was a bit shaking.

The whole 'movie' was in Hungarian, I couldn't understand a thing.

The whole journey from Earth to Mars took only 5 minutes. Can you believe this?


Just after we safely landed on Mars, the show went off. I was still in Mars and they didn't teach me how to return, I couldn't find my way back.

I guess you already know, I'm actually blogging from Mars.

To anyone who could read this, I would appreciate if you could help me inform NASA that I am stuck in Mars because of the irresponsible Hungarians. Thank you.


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