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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Santa - Certified Dead

Dear Santa,

Remember what you promised me?

Because of the promise, I bought myself a big big sock just for you to put in my BIG BIG pressie.

I've hung the sock two days before christmas, worrying you might come earlier. But no. So I waited till Christmas...

I thought I will receive your present on the Christmas eve, but you disappointed me again.

Christmas has already past and now is already the next year. Since christmas, each day, I'll check my sock to see whether you drop me any present, first thing in the morning. Nothing. I was worried that the chimney might not be big enough for you. I checked on the chimney to make sure your fat tummy is not stucked in the chimney. Clear. I went around the whole flat turning everything upside-down to make sure you did not drop the present at another place. Negative.

Every night, I couldn't sleep well cause I tried to peek on the chimney so that I could give you a kick hand if you were really stucked in the chimney.

I've had enough. YOU LIAR!!!

You deserve what you should get!

= Survon =



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