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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Word of the day : Winchester

Winchester here, is not refering to the city in Virginia, nor am I refering to the shortgun/rifle, but it's a technical term in ICT world.

I was told by my friend yesterday that Winchester means hard disk.

I tried to search the web and found this...

Winchester - Another term for hard disk drive. The term Winchester comes from an early type of disk drive developed by IBM that had 30MB of fixed storage and 30MB of removable storage; so its inventors called it a Winchester in honor of its 30/30 rifle. Although modern disk drives are faster and hold more data, the basic technology is the same, so Winchester has become synonymous with hard.

So, Winchester Disk == Hard Disk.

Maybe we can start naming some other hardware as well.

  • RAM == AmnesiaStick
  • Processor == Hot Pan
  • Mouse == Mickey
  • Mouse pad == Whisper ultra thin with wings

You name it. is Ming Yee's birthday. HAPPY COW ONE, baby!!

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