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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Italy-Berlin Journal (Part III)

DAY 3 : 2006-02-04 Rome - Pisa - Venice

Today's plan, Rome -> Pisa -> Venice. Sounds exciting? It was, indeed.

When we think of Rome, the first thing came to our mind would be the Colosseum. Since it is so important, how can we NOT get in to step the ground of Colosseum, inhale some Colosseum air, and come back to tell ourselves, we were once in Colosseum! I know it sounds kiasu, but i suppose the at-least-I-was-there attitude is burried in most people's mind nowadays. Eventhough there were nothing to enjoy, nothing to be happy about, but still, you will grab every single chance to be in there, so that at the end of the day, you can tell everyone, "At least I was there".

And so, early morning today, we went to the Colosseum AGAIN.

There were no gladiator fights, mock naval battles nor wild animal hunts, but some ruined walls and grounds, which is rated as one of the finest examples of Roman architecture and engineering.

The Colosseum has been renovated and they even have an elevator to bring you to the second floor. What's in the second floor? - A higher view of the ruined walls and grounds.

We were suppose to catch a train to go to Pisa at 12:08. After we had done with the Colossuem, we still had 1 hour to go. While hesitating to decide whether we should try to drop in the Sistine Chapel we missed yesterday, we were already in the metro going there. Sometimes, action does faster than our mind.

We reached the destination after 20 minutes and there was a HUGE queue lining to get in. We knew, it was impossible for us to follow the queue as we had to rush back in 10 minutes time. Coincidently, we met another group of tourist staying in the same hostel in the line(the one with 3 Malaysians and 1 Hongkie which were studying in UK). Chatted for a while, and we rushed back.

By the time we reached Rome Termini, it was already 12pm. But our backpacks were still in the hostel nearby. As we knew it was impossible to catch the train, Rakesh-the-JokerDoctor stayed there to find other solutions while everyone RUN back to take our stuff.

Although the distance should be around 5 minutes walk, it seems like i've participated in some kind of endless marathon training while all Italiano around looking at us puzzling what was this bunch of Asians up to, running away like fugitives.

You could never imagine how tired we were when we reached our hostel and got our things. Sure we couldn't run any more after claiming our backpacks, rather, we were crawling back to the station.

We didn't manage to catch the train though. We had to take another train which was 1 hour later, by paying some extra money. Not a fine, but it was an express train which was more expensive then the normal train we were suppose to take.

About 4 hours later, we reached Pisa, and we had 3 hours to loiter around Pisa before catching another train to Venice. The main purpose of coming to Pisa, obviously, JUST because of the Leaning Tower. The at-least-I-was-there attitude, got it?

The oh-so-outmoded peace sign of me,
trying to lean with the tower.

After all the photo taking session in Pisa, we took a train to Venice and reached at 1 am, in which we realized it was not the Venice central, but Venice Mestre. The real Venice was called Venice St. Lucia which was one station after. Take note if you are planning go to to go there soon.

We could not do anything else, but to just stay overnight at the station itself. This was actually part of the plan, but the only thing we did not expect was to spend the night in a much smaller station. Everything else in the station was closed, but the tiny waiting room. We went in and had a rest there.

Never had I ever experienced 'sleeping' (I didn't really get to sleep) in such place with some other drunk homeless stinky people. 2 of them were arguing with each other in Italian and 2 policemen patrolling around took one of them away..and....well, there's nothing much to say about the rest. Nothing really adventurous happened. *phew*

Summarizing today's venture, we rushed like maniacs to the train station, but still missed the train, cought another train which goes one station before our destination, stayed in a quite isolated small train station for a night, and at the end of the day, I was still in ONE piece.

[To be continued...]

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