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Monday, February 20, 2006

Italy-Berlin Journal (Part II)

DAY 2 : 2006-02-03 Rome

Before I forget, allow me to introduce my fellow companions...

1 Punjabi, 2 Indians, 1 Malay, 2 Chinese

It has been quite some time I didn't experience such kind of multi-racial trip, since school days, if I remember it well.

Before I start blogging about my trip, let's have a short introduction of the Rome Empire. Rome, which is also called 'the Eternal city', being the capital of Italy, is also the largest city around. Initially, Rome empire was this size...

And it shrank to this size...

Then it shrank even more...

Sadly, now...

Can you see Rome?

Being a christian or not, one of the places you should never missed out in Rome would be the Vatican City, a sovereign enclave within Rome, which is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the home of the Pope.

Vatican City, being the smallest country in the world, has the BIGGEST christian church in the world - St. Peter's Basilica.

St. Peter's Square
Facade of St. Peter's Basilica

Guess whose pissed Peace hand

We had to go through the security gate and had all our belongings scanned in order to get into the Holy See. Probably to avoid anyone attempting to kill the Pope or to bombard the whole tiny Vatican City.

Vatican City is not just the home of the current Pope, but also all the previous generations of Popesssss.

While I was reading all the Popes' name and appreciating the headstones of all the cemeteries, there was one huge crowd at one corner queueing for i-didn't-know-what. The kiasu us, joint in the crowd and found out it was just another cemetery. In fact, the tombstone was much simpler.

Of course this was not just any ordinary Popes' cemetery around. It was the latest late Holy Father, John Paul II. There were still some fresh flowers on it, there was a big crowd rushing to pray for Him, and there was a mascular guard guarding on it, while saying 'No picture, no picture'....oh, ok. (Please delete the above image from your mind)

In this world's biggest cathedral...

Micahaelangelo's Pieta
A Mummy

After that, we 'planned' to check out the Sistine Chapel, which was just at the SIDE of Vatican City. But our map reader, JiunnLoong-the-Doctor, misinterpreted the Castle Sant' Angelo as the Sisteen Chapel. And so we were at the Castle Sant' Angelo

What attracted us was not the castle itself but the living statues nearby.

Faizal-the-KinkyDoctor tried to mess around with the performer by taking a map and approached him to ask for direction.

Imagine a statue with all his body frozen had to use merely his eyes to 'send' a signal wave to Faizal to 'leave him alone'.

As the time was too late for us to head back to our initial plan, the Sistine Chapel, we postponed the idea and went to Colosseum.

Passed by Victor Emanuel Monumenti in Piazza Venezia on the way to Colosseum

Bad luck. We couldn't get into the colosseum. Everything was closed and I was just able to take a picture from the outside.

Then we decided to go to a place where it'll never closed.

The Trevi Fountain.

We met the most talkative friendly taiwanese tourist which was staying in the same hostel here. (you'll know which girl I'm refering if you have read Part I)

And I made a wish...

sshhhh...I will not disclose my WISH to anyone. It's a secret.

Did my wish come true, you ask. Well, I don't think so, cause till now I don't feel my breast is of any larger. Not even 1 cm. OOpppssss....

Probably my 20 cents Euro was not good enough. Maybe I should toss 50 cents next time.

What a greedy fountain...

[To be continued...]

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