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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back to norm

At this moment, I should be having my dinner, watching Astro, or hanging out with my buddies who just came back from work after not meeting for one year. THAT, happens, if and only if i board on the Austrian Airline flight yesterday. THAT, happens, if and only if I refuse to accept the offer from the company after so much of complications.

Here I am, still standing on the land of Magyarország. Going to work everyday like always, meeting the same people everyday as usual, having similar food everyday all the time. Nothing much seems to changed but deep down, there's something wrong somewhere.

Though I missed the flight, I didn't went up to the sky, I am still in the same time zone, but I felt like suffering from jet lag these two days. I started to feel asleep before 11pm yesterday (I usually get to bed around 1am) and at 5 this morning, I'm already half awaken, which has never happened before because sometimes I will sleep till 9am.

There are still a lot of official work to be done for me to continue my 3 months here. I need to open a bank account which I have closed. I need to get some cash from someone because all my Forint has been exchanged to Euro, and I'll lose a lot if I exchange it back. I need to leave the country by end of the month and come back to obtain my 90 days visa.

I'm planning to go to Austria (again), but this time will be in Salzburg and Vienna. I need to search for some non-tourist-and-yet-interesting places in Vienna because I've spent too much time in Vienna previously that I don't feel like visiting it again. Salzburg should be a cool place, but with the burning sun nowadays, I am not sure if I will really enjoy it.

hmm ....Let's see what will happen in the next 3 months...

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