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Friday, August 11, 2006

I have another Brother

"India as you know is the land of festivities,with a rich tradition and culture.One such festival is celebrated today is known as "Raksha Bandhan". Rakhi or Raksha is a sacred thread embellished with sister's love and affection for her brother. On the day of Raksha Bandhan sisters tie Rakhi (colorful String..sort of Bracelet) on their brother's wrist and express their love for him. By accepting a Rakhi from a sister a brother gladly takes on the responsibility of protecting her sister. This thread of Rakhi is considered a symbol of an inseparable bond of love and trust between siblings. Like any Indian festival , this also has family and friends gatherings, celebrations, exchange of sweets and gifts,music and fun. In short sisters are assured of an expensive present from their brothers..and Brothers all the attention and love and a lighter wallet."
Refer this.

Above was what my colleague, Binayak-the-Entertainer sent to me.

It was indeed one of the great events celebrated by the Indians, and surprisingly, because of this, I have officially adopted a brother. Yup, an Indian brother, that is. Well, don't ask me who, but someone in the office.

Never had I dreamt of having an Indian as my brother. No, I'm not being racism here, but I just never thought of it as I didn't and don't mix with many Indians when I was back at home, as well as in Hungary.

After tying that Rakhi on my so-called brother, guess what I get?...A pair of SWAROVSKI earrings with HUGE crytals. hehe...It's good to have a brother taking care of you, isn't it?

But this ain't a game. The more I get to know the Indians (the original Indians from India and not Tamil from Malaysia), the more I got heart-attack hearing their stories. Seriously, I actually experience more cultural shock facing the Indians more than living within the Hungarian society. Don't get me wrong as cultural shock may not just refer to negative side of it.

Now that I have a brother and tied that Rakhi onto him, I have to do it every year and even if I'm not able to tie it physically, I'll have to send it across to him every year. And he will have to really pick up the responsibility of being a brother and take care of me as long as both of us are living. No joking. Indians DO have such mentality.

That Pras-the-Scum even told me that the guys in India will hold hands to express their 'brotherly' love. Probably, Indians do have strong relationship with each other compared to any other people in the world which will only put himself in the first position in whatever situation it is. "All Indians are sisters and brothers", another colleague told me. Huh, I think I'm witnessing the soon-to-be-born Indianism religion now.

Indians in current years are still practising the caste system, which everyone knows. What surprise me was, the Indians marriage is STILL planned and organized by their parents and some of them are still marrying another person who he/she will only meet in the wedding night itself. Shocked?

I seriously need loads of time to digest all these things.

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