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Monday, August 14, 2006

Ich ging nach Salzburg und Wien

(Title translation : I went to Salzburg and Vienna)

From 29 July ~ 1 Aug, I was in Austria, to get my passport stamped and gain my 90 days visa. Officially, getting a visa is the main objective and travelling is just secondary. But in actual fact, I think I was acting more like a real tourist. Well, why waste the weekend when you have to leave the country anyway? Plus, the company is paying for it. nyek nyek nyek...*evil laugh*...

Alright, talking about the Austria trip. NOTE: It's A.U.S.T.R.I.A, NOT Australia! It's in the central Europe with NO kangaroos! People got confused each time I mentioned Austria, as Australia is certainly much well-known in Malaysia compared to Austria. They have one thing in common though, there are no languages called Austrian nor Australian. Austrian speaks German and Aussie speaks English.

Austria, is an important center of musical innovation with world famous composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Strauss II, etc (Beethoven is German, but moved to Austria in his early twenties). No doubt they are so proud of their musical background that even the toilet has to be opera-style.

In this trip, I managed to sneak out of Vienna and landed in Salzburg, a city where Mozart was born. It is OBVIOUS how this city is relate to Mozart in a way. Everywhere anywhere, you just can't runaway from seeing his image. Chocolates, souvenirs, posters, music, etc are all having Mozart as trademark. Salzburg-ian eat with Mozart, sleep with Mozart, play with Mozart, everything with Mozart. I'm gonna have nightmare about him soon.

No kidding. They even named one of the lake after his first name, St. Wolfgang and hey, I was there. The lake was so very scenic that I just can't stop trying to demonstrate my ichiban Photographic talent.

About Vienna, nothing much to talk about. But this time, I went at the best weather. My previous experiences with Vienna were always cold and freezing. This time, though I just stayed for a night and visited small part of it. It was good enough. I love Vienna as a city itself. It would be nice if I have the chance to work there, cause I wanna learn Deutsch! hehe....

I have shown the day time of Vienna in my previous post and here, I'm showing the night view...

I have the feeling that I am gonna visit Austria again before going back to Malaysia. I hope I am wrong.

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