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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sziget Festival

Feeling ill..

Funny enough, when my friends (Malaysians) got to know this, the first thing to say was, "Take care, girl, no one can take care of you there." That's partly true. When you are living alone outside your home, you'll have to really learn to be independent. Calling for fun, for party, will surely attract thousands of friends, but you'll never know how much you can rely on your friends till the worst thing happened. When shits happened, there will be 2 possibilities, your friends will disappear and missing in action, or if you met true friends, they will hang on to you helping you to get through the difficulty. Fortunate me, I have friends in both circle and a so-called brother with sister-in-law .

Don't worry, nothing bad has happened till now. Just ill. And I'm not the only person, but the WHOLE flat, FOUR of us having the same issue. The first person who brought in the virus was Simona-the-Roommate. Maybe I should blame her for spreading the virus, but actually no, my sickness started since I went for Sziget Festival. Probably I yelled too much in the concert, but certainly not because of my drinking. I didn't drink much cause I didn't wanna go to Toi Toi(the small little mobile cubicle toilet that a drunken person might not be able to differentiate which is basin and which is toilet bowl). But luckily, this year, they have better toilets provided with lights.

My daily wristband for Tuesday

What is Sziget Festival? Sziget Festival, meaning Island Festival in Hungarian, is the Central Europe biggest festival. I was there last year in which I enjoyed so much and had a fantastic great time that I hope to have 2nd time. After I have decided to extend another 3 months, the first thing to cross my mind was to attend this festival.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWant to try this?

To have a short intro of the festival, it lasted for 7 days and people go there basically for concerts and dancing. Each year they will have different superstars performing for different days. Last year, they had Korn (which I attended), Natalie Imbruglia, Good Charlotte, etc and this year, they have Radiohead, Prodigy, etc. Everyday, they will have around 30 bands from all around the world performing in different stages in the festival. And people who goes there will mostly stay the whole night there, attending concerts that you want, or hopping from one dance floor to another till you are tired and go home the very next day. Some people will stay in a tent for the whole festival just to ensure they don't miss anything in festival.

BalkanFanatic - a Hungarian bandPretentious naked cool guy with sunglasses in a place where you can barely see with naked eyes

Initially I was planning to go on Saturday night where Radiohead will perform, in which all my friends will be present too. But as I was working in the day time and the weather was bad, caused my excitement in attending the concert declined. At last, no, I didn't go and I thought I will never attend it again as I'll have to start working on Monday and there were no reasons to party whole night. Still, Prodigy who was performing on Tuesday (the last day) managed to attract some people and I was dragged to go. And there, I was in Sziget attending Prodigy.

Recognize the dreaded-hair Prodigy?
(Ignore that peace sign)

Compared to last year, I couldn't take much picture this year because I was not in the mood of doing so and the night picture capturing was really bad. Hence, sorry for the low quality pictures posted here. But I have lots of good pictures from last year, because I was there from late afternoon when the sun is still high up. Friends, if you are interested, you can go to my personal photo album to view last year's pictures of Sziget. It was really COOL! I bet most of you have forgotten the link of that album. That's http://*my name* *My Name* meaning my English name, dear.

UPDATES : The link to my album is no longer valid. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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