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Monday, January 22, 2007

Being a Malaysian (or NOT)?

Still remember when I was still in Budapest during the latest Malaysian National Day, I took a challenge and I was testified to be 59% NOT Malaysian.

Now that I am back to this home country, I vowed to be a tourist in my own country, to know more of my place. Ironically, I think, this makes me even more UN-Malaysian as I hoped.

What did I do to be so UN-Malaysian, u asked.

You, as a Malaysian staying in Malaysia for so many years, have you ever thought of having one of the following pictures...

(a) Standing in between the TWO CORNS?

(b) As if the 2 corns is not enough to fill your stomach and took another one with an ONION?

(c) Too much of vegetarian is bad for health. What about 2 Tigers with 2 Tigresses?

(d) The final question, have you ever BEEN to this places?

Tugu Negara, the Malaysian National Monument

All these places are just in the centre of KL, but as a Kuala Lumpur-ian, these things are just so close to pay a visit, yet it's too far to pay attention to them.

Guess I've been too UN-Malaysian these days...

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