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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Bird Day !!!!

Another year has gone. I did the same thing last year, by wishing my girlfriend, Mich-the-Belle, Happy Birthday. The only difference after one year, is that, I can also physically celebrate her birthday now that I'm in Malaysia.

If you have been following my blog for the past few months, you sure will not feel alien to see her name appearing in my blog, again and again....and again. True, excluding my colleagues, I've been seeing this girl more often than meeting my own family members living under same roof. I'm not sure if I might be getting overdose of her image soon.

We've done lots of crazy stuff for the past few months together, and the items in the to-do-list is still piling up. Of course, I do enjoy every single bit of the time I've shared with her. Thanks for the company, Mich.

Lastly (though I hope I have the time to write more), just wanna wish this forever girlfriend of mine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may all your wishes come true. *muaksss*

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