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Friday, March 02, 2007

Alien blood donor

During tertiary education, there will always be blood donation campaign each semester. Me, being underweight, could only be a spectator watching others struggling in deciding if they are willing to poke a needle through the epidermis into the vein. I, never had to go through such situation. My weighing scale never reaches 45kg, which automatically dropped me out from having to consider being a donor.

Before I left for Hungary, I used to be the ambassador of the malnutrition club. My BMI was way below standard. You could almost play guitar with my ribcage.

Now that I'm back to Malaysia, I'm a brand new person. My BMI hiked up to the standard level. My ribcage is very well hidden, with the tummy carrying an artifical 2 months fetus (aka extra flesh). Everyone used to get jealous seeing me eating a lot and never gain fat. Now, I still eat a lot, but people's response has changed. They used to ask, "How come?", but now they say, "No wonder".

This never worries me, though. I was more than happy especially when my company received a circular from properties management informing us about the blood donation campaign.

Finally, I'm qualified to be a donor!

While I was imagining myself donating my first gallon packet of blood, I read on...


Being in Europe for some time has disqualified me from being a charity man, although I am physically fit now.

Discrimation or what? Am I having alien blood now?

Life is so unfair.

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