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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Birthday Revenge

Still remember my best birthday gift ever?

Well, it's time to pay back the good deed of certain people. Didn't your mother ever taught you not to offend ladies?

Few days before his birthday, we had similar conversation.

Me:Someone is having his birthday soon.
Mike:So what is that someone getting from you?
Me:You prefer tomato sauce or chili sauce?
I'm not as stingy as someone, I'll get you the whole bottle.
Mike:Oh, *touched*

And so, on his birthday, few of us, the colleagues, had dinner and went clubbing with him. During dinner, we passed him the birthday gift packaged inside a Nike shoe box wrapped really nicely. I'm pretty sure he was rather happy with the shoe box as he desperately needed a new pair of shoes cause he just lost his loafers 1 week before.

While unwrapping the box, he kept commenting "Oh, how nice of you all", "Wow, this would be my first Nike shoes", etc...till he found out the content...

A BOTTLE OF TOMATO SAUCE (as I've promised).

Did we acted mean?

Nah, I don't think so. Not when we indeed gave him a genuine pair of Hush Puppies loafers after the dinner. Not cheap wei!

Heck, that was still better than my chili sauce compliment of McDonalds!

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