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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Visiting or Travelling to JB?

Thursday night, my uncle in Johor Bahru was admitted to the hospital and it sounded pretty serious where the doctor suggested that we should be prepared as he could leave us forever.

On Friday, things got more stable. Still, my whole family decided to pay a visit to this uncle to give him moral support and to make sure things were going well there.

Customarily, we'll have full attendance of (almost) every members in the family only during Chinese New Year. This sudden event of visiting the uncle has caused people from Ipoh, Malacca, KL and Segamat to have an early reunion before the CNY. Imagine having more than 20 people standing beside the bed of the patient, and worse is, I'm not sure if it's in our gene, but our family (at least the elderly) talks a lot and talks out loud. The calm environment of the hospital turned into a conference room when we were there.

During the second day of our visit, the patient opposite to my uncle was transferred to another bed. I wonder if he was moved after he complaint about us, but I'd rather not to ask.

For the 2 days 1 night in JB, we stayed in Austin Hills Golf Resort. The resort was not very well maintained and the golf course doesn't look as green as those international course.

But it was quite a comfortable place to stay and quite contained itself with all the entertainment facilities they have that we won't mind staying indoor for few days.

The initial objective coming to JB was to visit my uncle. But eventually, everyone seems to be enjoying the stay, that there were plans to go for jacuzzi and swimming pool in the evening. I was a bit angry....because I did not bring my swimsuit! But no, none of us went for that cause we didn't have time. Some did play bowling, pool and ping pong, though.

In the night, we went to the duty free zone, called Fun Zon, to grab some beers. There's a huge night club there, guys. The look was as grand as the KL's 'Tian Shang Ren Jian'. Don't ask me about the price. If you need to pay tax for those 'girls' in KL, then it might be cheaper in this duty free zone.

Usually, we would gather in Segamat during CNY. This year, after this trip, we decided to try something different. We'll be coming to the same place in JB for CNY! The decision was made because it's too boring in Segamat our uncle won't be fit to travel for an hour to Segamat. And so, it was easier for us to meet up in JB.

CNY, Johor Bahru, here I come!

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