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Thursday, January 24, 2008

New World Discovery

Few months back, I went for the first time with my colleagues to Bukit Cahaya to participate in some kind of team building activities.

Here I am, few months later, again I ventured Bukit Cahaya, but with different gang, my ex-colleagues, doing different stuff......pure cycling!

For those who knew me earlier, you should be well aware that I CANNOT cycle (I can see some readers reading in disbelief now). Yes, I CAN'T cycle! Not that I'm physically disabled, but I just never learnt. Joining the gang to Bukit Cahaya was more like being 'persuaded' with reason, they can fetch me around with their bike. And so, I agreed as long as I don't have to cycle.

Upon reaching the destination, we were happily taking group picture...

I was still happily enjoying the nature till we reached the bike renting shop just to realize that there were no bikes which can carry an extra person. WHAT?! Am I suppose to walk the whole park while everyone else will be cycling?

SauMing-the-Ming felt sorry to have conned me to join this trip at the moment she realized that I couldn't be fetched. I was left with options, either to walk or cycle.

I went to the smallest bike, which was meant for kid, and try cycling it.

To my surprise (I'm sure everyone else was feeling the same way), I can actually CYCLE!

After cycling for a few round, I gained more confidence and tried on a bigger bike because I was teased by the shop owner big girl don't ride small bike.

Trying on the bigger bike
Get set...

And there I go cycling like a pro!

It was an enjoyable day, to be able to cycle around in nature, though cycling up and down hill can be much more tiring than just walking. There was one downhill which ended with a T-junction. The hill was so steep that we had to use FLINSTONE's brake to stop our bike before reaching the junction and bang on the trees in front. Everyone landed safely, but the base of the shoes were totally worn out.

Now everyone no longer believe in the words I said. Even SauMing-the-Ming regretted feeling sorry for me earlier on.

Hey, I didn't lie, cause I myself didn't know that I could cycle too.

It was a MIRACLE!


Well, almost miracle.

Alright, I admit, I did try cycling before when I was 10. But it was only for a few days and I couldn't really balance myself then. I never thought that after so many years, I actually learnt and improved my cycling skill without having to try it on.

Anyway, my history has since changed. I'm no longer someone who can't cycle.

Survon C.Y.C.L.E.S.

Girls' POWER!

Dun pray pray ah!

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