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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Islands Up There - Part 4 (Langkawi)

It's the last and the most relaxing day of our trip in Langkawi.

We started off with a complete breakfast followed by a short spa session included in our package.

We then tour around the city and took some pictures that would be able prove to others that we were in Langkawi. The huge eagle, which is a symbolic landmark that represents Langkawi.

We lingered around the city and reached the airport just to realize that our flight was postponed for an hour.

The creative us will never be bothered by any mishaps but created our very own gambling table to play Big2 to fill the time.

Creative, huh?

Langkawi might not be as interesting as any other islands around, but with this crazy bunch of girls, we'll always managed to find activities to entertain ourselves.

Another great trip accomplished!

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