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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cabling to Genting

Since after school and when everyone could afford a car, how many would actually thought of taking a bus and a cable car up Genting Highland?

The day after my FRIM adventure, few of us decided to take the public transportation to Genting Highland to re-experience the journey of the cable car.

We had basically two objectives in this trip...

  • To visit Mich-the-BabyBelle's parents and church members who were having their church camp in Gohtong Jaya Hotel.
  • To enjoy OSIM chair massage in the cinema.

Obviously the latter was the main objective, where we watched Wall-E and massage our body throughout the whole show.

Every cinema has limited 8 OSIM seats in the first row of the hall and it cost RM15 per person. Wanna try?

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