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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Let's Start From Here

I'm so into Joanna Wang.

Who? - A singer. A 20-year-old Taiwanese singer grew up partially in the States which has a wonderful voice that captured my heart the first time I heard her song.

I mean, no kidding. I love her very much.

2 weeks ago, I was in one of the boutiques in Chinatown, Singapore, waiting for Veriza-the-MissSingaporeBikini to try her clothes. Other than observing other foreigners trying on their clothes and showing off to their friends, I got distracted by the songs played over the speaker, especially this one...

The voice was not very familiar, but it's so good, I recorded a video of the song so that I could go home and search for it. Yeah, I did this all the time, whenever there's any nice song played over the radio.

It was hard to search for her songs over the internet as she was too new. To try my luck, I sent the clip to Mich-the-BabyBelle and surprisingly she HAS her songs. Not just 1 song but her whole album. Splendid!

People might think that I'm crazy listening to her songs over and over again for the past few days. But I don't care....Cause I just love it and no, I'm not bored of them!

Don't you think she's just so talented?

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