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Sunday, October 05, 2008

KB trip Day 4 - Perhentian to KB to KL

Date : 20th July, 2008

Slow day ahead...

I couldn't remember what time I woke up as we had a crazy night at the beachside yesterday. By the time we I woke up, it was time for brunch.

Some went to have another round of swimming along the beach side while some of us (including myself) just casually selected a cafe nearby for food.

We boarded on our boat around 12pm and went back to the jetty while Zsombor-the-ComputerForever and Marton-the-Carrot continued their stay at Pulau Besar for some diving sessions.

Along our boat journey, we were stopped by a sea-block. If you are wondering what's a sea-block, imagine a roadblock on the sea. The boat was over crowded and life jackets were not enough for everybody. We were asked to write our name and I/C or passport number, and leaving the phone column blank on purpose on a form and passed to the Navy.

We continued on the road back to Kota Bahru, stopping by at Tok Bali for a visit and then had some durians along the roadside near a market, can't remember the place name.

When we reached KB, we had the local chendol with tapai (the exact some stall I had previously).

Since there was no unisex massage parlor around KB, Huei-the-Panda brought us to a saloon in which they washed our hair plus back and shoulder massage. We were so tired that all of us slept while being massaged.

After dinner, we rushed (and I really mean RUSHED!) to the airport and flew back to KL.

It was such a wonderful trip, thanks to our tour guide, Huei-the-Panda, who has been bringing us up and down and doing all the planning while we were only there to enjoy. Thanks man!

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