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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Meal?

My room in my Sunway apartment was always in a mess because I didn't really have a proper place to chuck my stuff. Everything was piled up on my table, and gradually, I needed to dig into the mountain before getting what I want and most of the junk were sunk underneath where their existence would eventually be forgotten.

The only time I cleaned my room was when my mom stayed over before the Chinese New Year when I bought myself two 3-tier cabinets to properly place all my belongings.

As expected, I've found a lot of things that I have not seen for the past 1 year. There were also a lot of last year's angpows that I'm not sure how they landed in the mountain, but nonetheless, I'm glad I've found them as I was few hundreds ringgit richer after the spring cleaning.

Among the red packets, one of them did not look right...

Hey, that's not a Chinese New Year angpow with two pieces of RM50 note in it. Certainly it's not meant for myself, and if I remember well, I bought this kind of wedding packets last year to pass to all friends who were getting married.

Did I forget to 'contribute' to the pool of angpow in a wedding dinner? But whose wedding was that??

I guess someone out there must have thought that I had intentionally wanted a free meal at their wedding dinner.

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