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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One ended and the other started

I should have done this post end of the year, but with my procrastinating habit, at least it's only few days late.

End of the year is when we start thinking about everything we've done in the past one year and new year is when we set the new list of resolutions to be achieved throughout the year.

In 2008, I've done pretty much things for the first time in my life and some which was pretty memorable to me.

  • On March 8th, I became my friend's Maid of Honour for the first time and was featured in the newspaper.

  • In April, I slept in the forest under a tent for the first time with my then colleagues in Jerangkang with a nice waterfall at the side. I was a girl guide, but we didn't have the chance to camp inside a forest.

  • In May, I visited Peninsula Malaysia's East Coast for the first time (Let's exclude Redang Island which I went more than 8 years ago).

  • A cat who wanted to prove that they do not have 9 lifes committed suicide in my car engine.

  • In September, I had my first experience with water rafting in Slim River.

Looking at what I've done for the past 1 year, I didn't seems to have achieved anything big, other than broaden my knowledge of other places I've been for the first time. Surely, knowing the culture and visiting foreign places was something that I always wanted to do. But seriously, have I upgraded myself over the past 1 year?

I've never really like setting resolutions during new year, cause they will never be achieved. Don't ask me why, probably I've set it too high, or I just never bother at all.

The coming year is gonna be different, I've changed my mind. I'm gonna give myself 1 year time to achieve things that I wish to achieve in the near future...

  1. Take up a Salsa course - I have been dragging this for almost 2 years now. Been talking a lot and thinking a lot, but no serious actions done so far, other than attending a 3 hours bootcamp and ONE salsa class. I can hardly dance with cute hunks on the salsa dance floor.
  2. Visiting another wonders in the world - Angkor Wat. Gonna do that in March 2009. Tickets have been bought and I'm just waiting for the date!
  3. Visiting another country that I've never been in the 2nd half of the year - Currently considering Hong Kong. Anyone wanna join?
  4. Save more money - When can I afford to pay for my own house?
  5. Stay put in my current company - Have been changing jobs every year and I need to stop doing that. Not that the current company is treating me great, but I need to have a better resume in the future.
  6. Find the love of my life. *oooppsss*

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