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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gear up your car

Few weeks back, on a Saturday night, I was supposed to drive to my ex-colleague's house at Kelana Jaya Sterling Condominium for a house warming party.

As usual, I went to my car, unlocked everything, inserted my key into the ignition and turned the key. It went...*tick tuck*. Huh? I tried again and it went...*tick tuck*. Gosh, what kind of sound was that?

All the lights on my dashboard was on too, the cold and warm water indicator, fuel indicator, oil indicator...all the indicators were on!

I could not start my car. What happened????

I called my friends who has reached the party and told them what happened. I was asked to take a cab to the place and they'll send me home after the party, but I didn't wanna give up yet.

I waited for half an hour till my sis came back with her bf and checked on my oil. That looks fine. Water level was a bit low though. We added water in and tried to ignite again, but failed.

Since it was already late at night, I drove my sis car out, leaving my car at the apartment.

The next day, I tried again and everything was okay. I could start my car!

Sounds like a magic?

Well, indeed I've performed some voodoo on it in order to make it start. I didn't really wanna talk bout this after the incident because I feel ashamed just wanna stay low, but I will share it with my blog readers here so that you'll know what to do if you face the same situation like mine.

Follow the following steps and everything will be perfect soon...

  1. Sit at the driver's seat in the car and be cool.
  2. Adjust your rear mirror to suit your height (if necessary).
  3. Insert your car key into the ignition but don't start the car first.
  4. This step is the MOST important step of all. With your divine hand, place your gear, which was originally on 'R', to 'D' 'P' (sorry guys, was too excited when i was writing this most important step till I've accidentally wrote P as D).

  5. Start your engine and VOILA! Your car is back to normal.
  6. Now drive your car away as fast as possible and try to erase what has happened yesterday and pretend nothing ever happened.


Just keep this to yourself, okay?

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