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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Engine ain't a Playground

Last friday, on 17th October, I was asked to go to Menara Maybank for some supports. Driving from Sunway to Menara Maybank, I wouldn't consider it as very far, but with the light jam after 9am, it took me more than half an hour to reach the destination.

Along the way, I could hear some weird noise coming from my car which at first I thought it was from the radio. I finally realized that the weird sound was actually meows.

Crap, a cat must have jumped into my car when I opened my car door that morning.

Thinking that I will be reaching Menara Maybank in a few more minutes, I didn't stop my car immediately, rather to release the cat after I have parked my car at the car park.

I parked my car, switched off my engine, and started searching around...only to find...nothing. But the cat scream was still very loud and clear and it was no longer from the inside of my car, ENGINE!

I opened my bonnet and saw this with the help of my phone's camera flashlight. The cat was already dead at this moment.

It was a major operation in getting the car out. Luckily there were some guys working with Maybank came to give a hand. It took almost an hour to get the cat out. We had to take out the whole battery in order to reach the cat.

Sorry Kitty, I didn't mean to barbecue you


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