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Sunday, March 01, 2009

The biggest bouquet I ever received

Valentine's Day had past and most of my friends are still uploading pictures into facebook about what they did during the day, or blogged about the romantic day they had.

I'm not gonna tell you what I did on that day, but what I'm about to write is about the gift I got in my office just 1 day before the big day.

Yes, a huge bouquet of flowers with roses, lilies, carnations, etc. It's so huge, carrying it was like carrying a baby...

People who are too realistic or people who have been in a relationship for too long might think that this is a total waste of money. As for me, I don't really mind accepting it as long as it's not too expensive.

My curious colleagues went into the florist website to search for the flowers, but couldn't find the exact same bouquet of flowers in the web as the bouquet was actually 'customized', as what I was told few days later. After some 'research' and comparison, they concluded that the bouquet should cost around RM400-RM500. I was shocked. Heck, why spend so much on something that will only last for a few days?

Again, I have to admit, I don't mind accepting the flowers, but spending more than RM400 for that (I hope it didn't hit RM500), certainly sounds a bit waste of money.

I asked the sender, "Why spend so much? Get a small one is good enough." and my heart says, "Should use the remaining money to buy me something more practical."

His answer was something I've never ever thought of. "When a guy send a flower to the girl's office, it has to be big, so that she won't feel sad if other girls in the office receive a bigger flower bouquet."

Not sure if I should agree to that statement.

For the curious people out there, don't ask me who the sender is, and, NO, I'm not officially attached.

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