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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Office Gremlin (Part 1)

Ever experienced someone who talks so loud and fast, that when u sit beside him/her, you can feel the pain on 1 side of your ear, which possibly leads to the uncomfortable headache the whole day?

Ever met someone who talks non-stop where you won't have any chance to interfere, and in the end, you just can't figure out what his/her point is?

Ever knew someone who is full of complains where every words that comes from his/her mouth is about how unsatisfied he/she is, and whatever she does is right while other people (especially her superior) is doing wrong?

Ever tried to avoid from engaging any conversation with him/her because you knew that once it has started, you have problem ending the talk? I'm not refering to phone conversation where you can lie about low battery while talking further and further away from the phone, and then hang up. Unfortunately, there is no hang up button when we are talking face to face. You can't runaway much because there's only 1 route to go to the washroom and 1 route to leave the office to get to your car. You might just end up standing there for half an hour when u bump into him/her listening to her bitching about her superior.

Ever have problem listening to someone who talks the same language as you while your mind is wondering if he/she is using some other kind of alien language that doesn't require you to open your mouth and just use your throat to talk? Each time when this happen, you killed almost 100 brain cells trying to comprehend her message and at the end of the conversation, you feel like you have worked out the whole day, mentally. It's exhausting!

Ever heard of someone who keeps repeating his/her statements when he/she knew you were up to something and didn't inform him/her? For example, "You are going <insert your activity here>? Why never invite me?". This usually happened for a few reasons :-

  1. You didn't have time to inform him/her.
  2. You are going out with your own friends which has nothing to do with her.
  3. You just simply don't want him/her to join.

You might have seen certain people carrying a few of the above mentioned traits. But I know this might sound unbelievable to you.

There is, ladies and gentlemen, 1 person who fulfilled all the above criteria in my office.

[To be continued...]

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